About Turtle Rock Studios

We are Turtle Rock Studios, you can find us in lovely downtown Lake Forest, CA in the heart of Orange County.

Whatever game we’re working on, we play every day. We played Left 4 Dead every day because we felt the only thing that could survive that process without driving all of us insane, was a really fun game.

We focus on features that can be rapidly implemented and iterated on. It’s not the only way to make a big-budget, AAA title, it’s just our way.

If you care deeply about a feature, then you’re part of the process. We can only make this game if you give us your best ideas, we don’t care whether the feature is part of your job description. If you care about it, you’re a stakeholder.

We depend on you to know what to do. We don’t have time to micromanage people, we have games to make. If this all sounds good, and you think you can help, apply now!

Current openings